Korea University

Address: 145 Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, 02841, Korea

 Korea University was established as the first private university in Korea under the ideal of “National Salvation through Education” to protect national sovereignty. With “Liberty, Justice, and Truth” as its motto, the university has been committed to fostering intellectuals and serving as the symbol of critical intellectuals throughout Korea’s industrialization and democratization. Now, the university seeks to realize a peaceful and happy society for all mankind by contributing to bringing everlasting peace to the Korean peninsula and promoting harmonious co-existence with neighboring countries.

To achieve the above, Korea University, as an educational institution, will fulfill its mission to advance mankind by fostering pragmatic talent possessing creativity, innovative thinking, and open-minded leadership. In addition, as a hub of academic research, the university will strive to achieve research excellence while strictly observing research ethics. Moreover, as an agent of social service, the university will contribute to balanced social development through promoting inclusiveness and fairness to those facing discrimination or alienation.

To fulfill these obligations, members of Korea University, as ethical agents, shall proceed by objectively engaging in self-examination based on empathy and consideration of others. Furthermore, within the university community, rational, healthy, ethical standards shall be established to enhance organizational integrity and regulate members’ roles and responsibilities as well as relationships with others. Members shall uphold these established ethical values and code of ethics in all of their undertakings. In pursuit of the foregoing, with the determination of the members of the university, Korea University thus proclaims this Charter of Ethics that shall serve as a milestone marking the forging of a new future that builds upon its century-old history to pave the way for this global university’s next millennium.